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Vita Spa Parts

The following pages show the various models of Vita Spa controls built between the years of 1988 and 2009.  All of the parts used in  a model year are all grouped together to eliminate confusion about what works together.

In most cases, parts from newer model years will work just fine as substitutes for older parts, because the newer parts were designed to be backwards compatible. 

Of course, all of the newer features will not be available unless the entire system is replaced, but the original features will still work the same.

Instead of providing a separate price list, the suggested retail prices are shown with the parts.  It is understood that some retailers may charge more than the suggested retail price when they provide other services to the consumer. Your invoice will reflect your established trade discount, which is the same percentage for all parts.

The systems that  follow are arranged by model, for example, L400, L500, L200, Voyager, Duet, etc.

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